Ensemble Extra Ordinair

building instruments and sound installations

since 2004, with Han Buhrs
singing bucket, bean cutter flip bongo, wok lid, complaining drawer, toffee tin bass and forgotten organs.


7090 is an artists’ collective with Nora Mulder, Koen Kaptijn, Bert Hana and Bas Wiegers at its core. We work at the junction of (musical) performance, sound art and installation. We aim to surprise by tackling apparently impossible ideas and showing the audience everything, and we mean everything, from another angle. People who step inside our world instinctively sense that there’s no right or wrong involved: we invite everyone to simply look and listen and to ultimately decide for themselves what they have seen and heard. Foreknowledge sometimes helps you see references and understand where a concept comes from, but whether you have knowledge of modern music, installations, sound art and performance or not, we want to inspire, liberate and mischievously disrupt. Our collective enjoys a growing cult status and we’ve left a trail of innovation behind us. We position our projects in the middle of society, a society that is used to putting art on an artificial pedestal, to pinning it down and putting it inside its designated four walls. We believe that this robs art of its potential to contribute to that same society: the sounds and images are isolated and only serve to alienate. We believe that the context in which we carry out our projects is the determining factor and that’s why we make performing art that feels like public space: free and accessible. This is not music theatre or art on location, but an invitation to the public.


visit:   www.7090.nl